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I'm Pauline and I'm one of the bloggers. I'm 16 years old, and I live deep inside the woods of Southern Sweden, sigh..

I'm in grade 11 (at least I think it is, our school system here in Sweden is weird) c:Edit

I think I'm kind of like Zayn. We just got a lot in common, i.e. we both love to draw and we both love to sleep ;D

He's also my favorite of the boys. Or well, I love the boys equally, but if I had to choose...

I ship Ziam. There is no other bromance like Ziam. Your argument is invalid.

My favorites

Food: Chickennnn!

Movies: All the HP movies and The Hunger Games

TV shows: Glee, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, The Big Bang Theory... And many more!

Music: Other than 1D; The Biebs, Ed Sheeran, MCR, Paramore, Chris Brown... The list goes on!

Pages: Twitter. Forever.

~Pauline :)