This is me!

I'm Jonna and I'm one of our many bloggers. I'm almost 16 years old and I live in the middle of Sweden, about 2 hours from Stockholm

I'm in the 9 th grade and have just applied to the IB diploma programme for Upper Secondary School. Edit

My favorite in 1D is Harry. He's an angel in my eyes. His smile makes me melt, always. And of course, if I had the chance I would definitly ask him out.. No doubt!

Okay, you might make a big misunderstanding out of it and think that I only like Harry now.. But of course, I love them all equally! It's just that I've felt something special for him ever since the beginning, don't get me wrong. But.. Well, enough about that!

I shim Larry. Definitly. There's no better bromance than a Larry bromance. Larry Stylinson til' the end.


My baby!

My favorites

Food: Do I have to choose? Candy?

Movies: Twilight, the HP movies, American Pie (Lol, yes. I'm serious) and a lot more..

TV shows: Grey's Anatomy is, have always been and will always be number one. But I love How I met your mother, The big bang theory, Two and a half men and.. Yeah, there's a lot more.

Music: One Direction (kinda obvious), Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Hot Chelle Rae, LMFAO, Avicii.. and so on.. It's almost an neverending list.

Pages: Facebook. Twitter. (follow me! @StylesLettuce)

I'm writing one of the novels on our blog, it's called Stole My Heart. I also use to update about trends on twitter and some different things. I love to write, that's my biggest passion.